Internet marketing, when done improperly can be very tricky. Actually, for all intents and purposes if you’re not doing it right you’re throwing away either quality time, hard-earned money, or both.

Before entering the online business scene it will serve you well to keep in mind some pertinent questions that can help you focus on the things you should be doing in order to always further your business goals.

I can think of four questions that can help you spell ‘success’ with your business venture online, simply because the answers will always serve as a ‘reality check’ on whether or not you’re going the right way, or if you’re already ‘lost in the forest’.

Addressing the answers to these questions can help you correct any deviations you’re experiencing or will experience with your online undertaking.

So let’s see what they are, shall we?

The Four Questions:

1. What is the right way to start an online business right now?

2. What should you be selling on the internet?

3. What specific strategies, methods, programs online really work, and which ones should you be using for your own set of circumstances?

4. How do I know whether your business is improving or not?

Let’s go into some more detail about these questions:

THE RIGHT WAY TO START YOUR BUSINESS: If you’re new to starting an online business you’re probably becoming aware that if you’re unable to control the number of information and offers that come your way you’re going to suffer information overload. You reach a point where the number of choices just overwhelms you that you’re undecided on what to do.

For a time it may even seem as if all the online “business opportunities” presented to you (or which you come across on the internet) are all good and worthy of your purchase. Beware! Starting your legitimate business right means not jumping from one business opportunity to the next until you know what business model you’re going to go into. When you do this “jumping”, you’re never going to be able to accomplish anything.

The business model you will have to adapt can be anything from retailing physical or digital products online, affiliate marketing or any form of it, but what matters is for you to focus your energies into building this one business model and making it work. Much more important is making it work NOW, not when “the conditions are right”, or when the “timing’s perfect”. If you wait for that time to arrive it’ll never come, and the internet is going to leave you behind.

WHAT SHOULD YOU SELL ON THE INTERNET? The internet has been dubbed as the information superhighway, so naturally people who surf the net are looking for information. So what’s the best thing to sell on an information superhighway? You got it–information. Not just any type, mind you, but specialized information that a specific target market is yearning to know about.

Somehow, somewhere you might have specialized work or a hobby you’re passionate for that others may not know of but are greatly interested in. Specialized information that you are an “expert” of and which is in high demand by a sizeable target market is a good formula for a profitable online business.

SPECIFIC STRATEGIES, METHODS TO USE: Whether you’re aiming to do your marketing using paid advertisements, search engine optimization for high search engine rankings, or growing an opt-in list using a newsletter subscription or free product giveaways, the methods you use should appeal to your market’s human nature, and should answer their question of “What’s In It For Me”?

There are numerous ways in which you can do this, and for your protection I will mention some of the ways I’ve experienced online that were ineffective for my business purposes and frankly was a waste of my time and money: MLM networking, bulk email lists, misleading data entry work, paid surveys online (won’t make you rich, and surveys are few and far between), randomizers, doorway generators, cloaking (could have you banned from search engines),blasting my website URL (address) to 10,000 search engines or so (only 3 major ones are excellent, and about 50 more are good but interrelated anyway), guaranteed 100,000 hits to my website (differentiate hits from actual visitors), and too many more to mention here.

Some really important strategies you can concentrate on: proper (“white-hat”) search engine optimization, developing your own legitimate opt-in (or double opt-in lists), sensible PPC (pay-per-click) advertising, increasing link popularity, offering real, valuable website information or service to your niche market, as well as ultimately developing your own informational products or services.

IMPROVING YOUR BUSINESS-SEEING WHAT WORKS, CORRECTING WHAT DOESN’T. If you’re not measuring some important parameters of your business then it’s possible you’re “leaving money on the table”, as one savvy marketer I know is fond of saying. But such is really the case.

Are your sales increasing or decreasing? Is there a seasonal trend? Is there a major event in the internet that most likely is affecting the increase or decrease of your sales? Are you losing customers or gaining new ones? Is competition beating you to a pulp?

This comes down to either having a good web host that comes with good statistical reporting or paying for a website stats reporting service that goes into a lot of important details pertaining to the traffic coming your website’s way. It is possible to see where your website visitors are coming from, what keywords were typed in when they arrived at your site, as well as information on which page of your site is the most viewed or most popular.

The moral of the story? What gets measured, eventually gets improved.

Hopefully you will include these four questions in evaluating the type of online business you plan on implementing on the ‘net. By the way, getting the answers to these four critical business questions above isn’t going to guarantee success unless you add the final ingredient that makes all these info useful: ACTION.

In a nutshell:

a) ask the questions

b) truthfully answer the questions or get info to answer them

c) ACT on the answers

Source by Winston Yam

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