If life hasn’t been serving you what you’ve really wanted, times have been tough and you’re not making the money you want and don’t have the time to do the things you love, have you ever had the idea to create your own economy with a home based internet business?

This may seem like a daunting concept.

Is that a good reason to not seriously consider the idea? Are you going to let your fears continue to dictate the results you’re getting in life?

Fears are the reason most people never make a commitment to take action to achieve their dreams and goals.

Sometimes your friends will tell you something is a really bad idea. Are you going to let these people keep you from getting what you really want?

To create your own economy you must be pro-active, have a great mindset and position yourself properly.

Here is some data that may open your eyes as it did mine recently.

Online spending is going up in a big way. Tens of millions of dollars of spending is being transferred from brick and mortar stores to the internet.

This has created an incredible opportunity for online businesses for anyone with vision and determination.

People are making less money today than ten years ago. The stock market is where it was ten years ago. And household income is back to where it was ten years ago. These are somewhat startling and depressing statistics.

A poll recently showed the majority of parents today think their children are worse off than when they were kids.

There is a 50% unemployment rate amongst college graduates of the past four years with an average income of $40,000 for those lucky enough to get a job.

Are you familiar with the term “under-employment”?

Whereas unemployment means the people without work, under-employment defines the nearly 30% of Americans who are “under water”, meaning their debt including what they owe on their home mortgage, is more than their home is worth (thank you banking fiasco and economic crisis).

The combination of unemployment and under-employment is about 26.5% of the U.S. population today.

How about the massive U.S. government debt situation? How many more times can our “esteemed” leaders “lead” our beloved country to the brink of bankruptcy?

Maybe it’s time you seriously considered having your own home based internet business?

The Kauffman Index of Entrepreneurial Activity New Business Create Rate showed during 2011 there were 543,000 business started each month.

Entrepreneurs are individuals who want to take back control of their situations, their lives. They know what they want, where they want to be and who they want to be.

Jumping into a new business from scratch can indeed be risky. Who do you trust? How do you figure out how to get started? How do you put together your business plan? How do you position yourself ahead of trends?

Research suggests your environment, your surroundings, your circle of influence is responsible for over 50% of the results you get in your life. NOT your discipline or willpower.

What if there was an incubator and success academy for entrepreneurs that combined a step-by-step in-depth comprehensive training system with passionate mentorship to lead the way for serious existing or potential entrepreneurs to create their own economy and start a home based internet business?

Source by Peter Hobler

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